Sheryl Ambrose's Story

A Survivor's Journey

On September 8-9 2012, thousands of courageous people, including the members of my family and I, took action and walked 60km in Toronto to raise money to support cancer research, education, and treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Six years ago, around the time of my daughters sixteenth birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, it has been a long hard journey for my family and me. However, after six months of Chemo and six weeks of radiation...

I am still here; I am still strong; and I am still a survivor!

Six years ago, the treatment left me unable to walk, but I did not let it stop me. I participated as a volunteer along with my son, while my daughter and my second son walked the 60km for me. Together, we were able to raise over 10,000 dollars!!

For the past 5 years, I've walked along side my daughter and I was thrilled when we made it to the finish line!
This year, my family and I are back again with new members on our team and another reason to keep on walking. March 2010, our dear friend and fellow walker, Carrol Parris, who was looking forward to walking with us again last year, was taken from us. She will not be walking with us because unfortunately cancer has claimed another life, another heart, another soul. Carrol is yet another reason why we need to keep on walking and keep on giving until we make cancer history.

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our sponsors and we encourage everyone to be generous again.

The journey is not over. The struggle is not over. We will not give up until it is. Together we can make a real difference!


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